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Overview on our Planet

Overview on our Planet

During our Earth’s long story, the climate has always changed and the living beings have experienced even drastic changes consequently. Catastrophes and alterations of the ecosystems have almost destroyed life on Earth (mass extinctions) for five times, but they have helped to create the perfect environmental conditions for new living organisms. A sequence of abnormal events have got civilizations and dynasties to collapse but also to establish new human social organizations who, to survive, have modified their way of living and adapted their behaviour according to the surrounding environment.

The global warming will make us adapt ourselves again and provoke several changes, but we are able to face them and find solutions. Nothing is impossible, nothing is too expensive if we commit ourselves to innovate. The only forthcoming question is: “Are we ready to change?”

If what you know is not enough to give the answer, ask yourself: how is our Planet?

Follow the interview from:

  • Abdelkader Bensada, Programme Management Officer and Officer in “Charge of the Terrestrial Ecosystems Unit at UN Environment
  • Donatella Bianchi, President of WWF Italy
  • Andrea Goltara di CIRF, of CIRF, the Italian Centre for the Fluvial Requalification
  • Flavio Galbiati, famous Italian TV meteorologist.
  • The Climate Reality Project, led by Al Gore, American politician and environmentalist.
  • Luca Mercalli, internationally-famous climatologist
  • Il Maestro Andrea Bocelli, Italian singer and tenor
  • Holiness the Pope Francis
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