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About us

This magazine is born from a group of experts of the Dolomites, people fond of mountains, nature and environment.

Redactional and photographical contribute has been given by professionals and high profile organizations, among which we find the Patrimonio della Fondazione Dolomiti UNESCO. Articles, inquires and interviews have been published in order to favor the significant connection among these five different territorial realities that we find in this land.

Another aim of ours is looking at the future, trying to choose the most significant and prevailing issues and stories, sometimes also inserting uncomfortable but necessary news.

Commitment and enthusiasm are at the base of every number of this magazine, which led to an increasing number of readers and audience. We create a relationship from the public to the culture and the inestimable value of these mountains, which are a heritage for the whole humanity.


Sofia Brigadoi Seifert


I am so glad to say that my job is the most beautiful one. I can work freely, with all my resources, to deal with every inventiveness, challenge and battle that may occur in my life. I know I am a privileged witness of my world, of my time. If you know what you want, somebody else’s attention will listen to you need to say. You can incite the public opinion by making them aware of their free choice-making, their chance to work for a better project.

I am in love with Nature – with the Dolomites in particular – and I hope I will be able to transfer this passion of mine to the readers of this magazine or to the users of its website. THANK YOU all, whatever your opinion. Moreover, I am the editor-in-chief of Fiemme&FassaMagazine and I cooperate with the weekly newspapers Italian Tribune (New York) and Italo Americano (Los Angeles). I live in Moena.


Luigi Casanova

Press Office and Public Relations

I dedicate my life to the mountains, to all of them. Where it is possible, we need to keep the free spaces intact in order to let our next generations enjoy the sights and silences the same way I have always had the chance to appreciate. Thanks to my great involvement in these fields, I have always committed myself as local or national director in environmentalist associations such as Italia Nostra, Mountain Wilderness, SAT and CIPRA.

In the Eighties, I was the co-founder of SOS Dolomites; then, from the Italian point of view, I supported “Dolomiti Patrimonio del Mondo”, the policies developed for the natural parks and the launch of the path for the definition of the PEACE, the project that foresaw the creation of the widest protected area in the Alps – from Stelvio to Garda Lake.

Even my career as journalist is based on these dedications of mine and I practise them in my spare time, when I finish to work as forestry guardian in Moena.