HomenewsDolomiti Première special edition 2018

Dolomiti Première special edition 2018

Dolomiti Première special edition 2018

From the 26th of April the magazine will be distributed at the 66th edition of the Mountain Trento Film Festival in Trento, at MUSE – Sciences Museum of Trento and at MART Museum of Rovereto.

Not a casual choice. We decided to dedicate most of this Special Edition to a “hot” topic affecting everyone’s future: climate changes.

Phrases like: Every year we destroy 7 million hectares of forests are destroyed every year, an area roughly the size of Portugal” (Abdelkander Bensada, UN Environment), ”We are depriving our children of the most beautiful dream: sharing this planet with elephants, whales, sperm whales… a dream nobody is allowed to cancel”, (Donatella Bianchi WWF Italy), “… a study the G7 commissioned showed that the climate gives rise to 79 conflicts (Flavio Galbiati, metereologist), ”If we do not take action now, we won’t be able to back down on this situation” (Luca Mercalli, climatologist), ”As well as the natural heritage, the historical, artistic and cultural heritages are equally in danger…(Pope Francisco I), cannot leave anyone indifferent!

A second reportage will bring us to the presence of the wolf.

To try to share more and more acquaintances, we ask the opinion of the greatest Italian experts as well as the opinion of some social sectors, directly involved in the repercussions due to the predator’s presence.

 Last but not least you will find all the pages dedicated to Trento Film Festival “From our home mountains to those of the whole world in 130 films”.

Photo cover by Anton Sessa.

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