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Snow Art from Simon Beck

Snow Art from Simon Beck

Simon Beck: the most famous snow artist in the world

The British artist needs hours to realise his works of snow, an enchantment that disappears even in few hours. Simon does not care about it, and we agree with his idea of art since his works, realised with a pair of snowshoes, a map and a compass are so spectacular that it is worth looking at them even for a few hours.

One of his ambitions? He told us:
“I have not done any work in the Dolomites, although I would love to, the lakes near the Tre Cime di Lavaredo are obvious sites.  There are also good fields on the edge of Cortina, although rather low down. The problem with organising an event such as this in advance is that one has to take ones chance with the weather. So the truth would be to say that I have an ambition to make some drawings in the Dolomites. Perhaps one day I shall be there at the right time in the right conditions?”


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