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The human being has softened the territory of the South-Tyrolean Dolomites, through work and agriculture. In this way, a unique landscape has been created in the Alps, which is researched and appreciated by the most demanding tourists. There is nature and there are many events, but there are traditions as well; the landscape presents cities with the fascination of Middle Europe, mediaeval castles, gothic churches, isolated huts, historic and design hotels, luxury spa and restaurants. In the summer, the most fascinating characteristic of these territories are geraniums. Every balcony has plenty of them. A peculiarity. From the capital, Bolzano/Bozen, you can reach every valley by bus or by train. On every mean of transport, you can take your bike, until the passes, which have represented the history of international cycling. Let us pay attention to accommodation: there many luxury hotels (4 o 5 stars), but you can find complete offers in wellness centres as well, for families, for elderly people, entertainment for young people. Each valley offers safe excursions at high altitudes and mountaineering.

The territory of the Dolomites is unique, suggestive, and its authentic tastes and knowledges represent the natural and cultural landscape in every aspect

They are World Heritage Site of the UNESCO, between the provinces of Pordenone and Udine, in Western Friuli. This territory is perfect for a relaxing holiday far from crowds and mass tourism, and for people who like nature and active life, the slow rhythm of good life and the fast rhythm of sport, the tastes, gestures and traditions of people who come from far places. The valleys of the Friulian Dolomites are long and deep, with the names of the rivers and torrents that have chiselled them: Val Cellina, Val Meduna, Val Tagliamento. A gym open 365 days a year, where sportspeople can practise sports either in specialised and equipped areas or along ways following the nature. Panoramic mountain ways and bike paths along the rivers, for sportspeople and tourists who want to bike easily, experiencing landscapes and discovering ancient and characteristic villages. And moreover: excursions, trekking walking and riding, slow walks and orienteering, climbing, free-climbing, ecoclimbing on the peaks of the Friulian Dolomites and several cliffs, the most famous one In Erto, close to the Vajont dyke.