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Trentino Film Commission, the excellences of a territory through the cinema Trentino is a boarder territory, where the Alps, the Dolomites and the Mediterranean landscapes of the Garda Lake

Sottoguda, a little village in the municipality of Rocca Pietore, is the prelude of the magnificent cleft of Serrai, the home of the mythical reign of Ombro the

The official and most complete website for anyone wanting  to explore the UNESCO Dolomites Millions of people cannot be wrong – the Dolomites are the perfect remedy for the eyes,

Three centuries ago, risking life to climb a mountain would have been considered a madness, a useless and even harmful activity. The rationalism of the eighteenth century despised

“Come, have a close look at this wonder, without a doubt one of the most beautiful, powerful and astonishing gifts from our planet… Are they rocks or clouds?

An unusual description of a kingdom at the border with the sky From the round mountain peaks dominating the city of Bressanone, I admire the turreted rock walls of

The colonisation of the valleys in the Alps, the border between the Latin and the German world, the evolution of a “connective” culture, the living, the traditions, the

300 year-exploration in the Dolomites In July 1726, the Venetians Pietro Stefanelli and Giovanni Zanichelli reached the top of the “Cimon del Cavallo”, one of the tops of the Dolomites

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