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Majestic and big animal, the real “king” of our woods, symbol of the wonderful and mysterious beauty of the Alps. In the past, it was about to die out, but

“Only if the politics about Dolomites will become more homogeneous we will be able to say that we have won the challenge UNESCO indirectly consigned us in Siviglia in date 26th june

Avventura o relax, svago o riposo, qualunque sia la propria idea di vacanza, è la natura che sa regalare la perfetta ambientazione per un’esperienza

Every single landscape is a pleasant surprise The “Natural Park of Paneveggio Pale di San Martino” offers numerous possibilities to visit and explore the territory. The chance to know the park’s environments are offered by

ALL THE BEST OF TRENTINO SUMMER Two nature parks and a wide network of large and small protected areas: as much as 30% of Trentino is subject to environmental protection