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Status of bears in the Alps

Status of bears in the Alps

Majestic and big animal, the real “king” of our woods, symbol of the wonderful and mysterious beauty of the Alps. In the past, it was about to die out, but nowadays it is coming back to our forests.

The human being has to be aware of this and to make this cohabitation possible.

Questions and answer about bears

How many bears live in the Central Alps? In 2015, there were about 50 bears. 23 adults, 14 young bears and 11 cubs.

Which is the trend of the population?  After 10 years of increase, the bear population has stopped increasing and is stable since 2012.

How many cubs were born? In 2015, there were 7 broods, 13 cubs in Trentino.

How many bears died and why? Putting together 101 cubs and 10 bears that have been taken to Trentino for the project of reintroduction of the Park Adamello Brenta, 60 bears are missing. Among the causes of death, there are avalanches, falls, predations and killings by male bears, as well as actions of the human being such as poisoning, poaching, accidents and authorised haunting.

In which areas are bears mostly present? The core area, this means the area with the highest density of bears, in which there are all the 21 female bears, is Western Trentino, above all the Brenta Dolomites and the surrounding mountains. The male bears are in a more extended area, which includes Lombardy, South Tyrol and Eastern Trentino, Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Is it normal that bears move so much? For a young bear, this is normal: thorough this system, genetic exchange is possible and this prevents the increasing of the number of bears in the area.

Does the presence of bears crush with the human activity? Bears damage the activities of the human being (above all animal husbandry and beekeeping), but these damages can be reduced through preventive measures.

Are bears dangerous? Bears are not aggressive, but they can be harmful for self defence.

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