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Respect Sometimes you think that the smaller an organism is, the less pain it feels. But the suffering does not depend on that: its strength is devastating at any

Plants, butterflies, birds and mammals living at high altitudes could die out due to climate and environmental change. It is not necessary to choose between progress and safeguard. There’s a third way Climate changes have had a drastic impact

Majestic and big animal, the real “king” of our woods, symbol of the wonderful and mysterious beauty of the Alps. In the past, it was about to die out, but

The last “wild” streams of the Dolomites, at the crossroads between exploitation and protection The sounds of the stream surround us while we are walking slowly along its banks: the

Animals: surviving in winter on the Alps In winter, wild animals have to change their habits to cope with cold weather and food shortage. Animals living in the mountains have

The symbol of the Dolomites Chamois are rarely present in the codified culture. Despite this, we have to consider an important fact: a symbol can be… invented. Today. Animals are symbols. In our mind, they represent

"Dolomites” are not only  rock faces. There are lakes, torrents and pastures as well. A mountain scenery hosting a rich fauna. Some of the more fascinating entities are in