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An unusual description of a kingdom at the border with the sky From the round mountain peaks dominating the city of Bressanone, I admire the turreted rock walls of

The colonisation of the valleys in the Alps, the border between the Latin and the German world, the evolution of a “connective” culture, the living, the traditions, the

300 year-exploration in the Dolomites In July 1726, the Venetians Pietro Stefanelli and Giovanni Zanichelli reached the top of the “Cimon del Cavallo”, one of the tops of the Dolomites

The symbol of the Dolomites Chamois are rarely present in the codified culture. Despite this, we have to consider an important fact: a symbol can be… invented. Today. Animals are symbols. In our mind, they represent

In the valley of Fassa, the Dolomites rise perpendicular with smooth white walls dazzling several thousand feet high. They are forming jagged mountains, which stand side by side