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Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park

Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park


During the summer, many activities to immerse in the nature

Even in 2016, the park offers guided excursions and themed evenings: from concerts to meetings dedicated to the ancient jobs of the mountain. The key event is the program “In the park with mum and dad”: guided tours and games for families with children; these activities are also dedicated to people who cannot walk or simply to people who want to visit special places without making so much effort. For reservations and information, you can call 00393290040808.

From June to September, many activities are organised in several places every Sunday. You have the possibility to become “scientist for one day” in Canzoi Valley, at the Centro di Educazione Ambientale (Centre for Environmental Education) of the park “La Santina”. You can explore the waterfalls of Val del Mis or follow the traces of the miners in Valle Imperina. In Col dei Mich you can visit the “Jurassic Park of the apples: a didactic orchard with ancient types of apples which could die out. Along the torrent Veses you can enter the historical water mill and look at the milling of corn. In the forest of Cajada, which has delivered for centuries to the Serenissima the trunks for the masts of the boats, you are going to have the possibility to follow the traces of animals. In the Ardo Valley you can visit the Bus del Buson: a wonderful fossil canyon. At the restaurant All’Antica Torre, in Sovramonte, you can listen to concerts and participate in the “Fea Festival”: one day dedicated to the shearing of the sheep and to the life of the travelling shepherd. Picnic areas are at disposal of the visitors, like the one in Candaten, bungalows in pian Falcina or Al Frassen.

INFO: www.dolomitipark.it


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