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Friulian Dolomites Nature Park

Friulian Dolomites Nature Park

Immersed in nature, where eagles dare

The National Park of the Friulian Dolomites organises many activities during the summer 2016. There are many options: from the classical excursions to canyoning, from climbing (in the places that became famous thanks to the local idol, the writer, sculptor and sportsman Mauro Corona), to ecoclimbing and, at the end, the real mountaineering. The most aspired destinations are the Campanile di Val Montanaia, symbol of the protected area together with the eagle, which dominates the peaks of the whole territory. Furthermore, the eagles and the bears are the proof of the fact that the territory has found its naturalness again. Among the original activities, you can find phototrekking, geotrekking, and mountain biking, night hiking and twilight excursions. One new activity this year is the possibility to explore a cave, the “Landre Scur”. This cave has always been known and is the entrance to a subterranean world. This part has not been completely examined yet, even though speleologists have been mapping it since more than 50 years, completing a census of more than 5 km of latticed and windy routes.

This is a unique opportunity, because the Land Scur is located close to another interesting part of the protected area: the “footprints of the dinosaur”, which proof the presence of this animal before its extinction. The most beautiful part of the park is Forni di Sopra: in this place, you can bike, using an e-bike, with experts through the different paths and get to the refuges. As the claim of the region says: “Guests of unique people”.

INFO: www.parcodolomitifriulane.it


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